Trans-Duodenal Barrier / endoscopically implantable tube prosthesis / revolution in diabetes therapy

for investors

Early Stage Investment.
Opportunity in a fast-growing market.

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier developed by TDC is a patented endoscopic transduodenal bypass implant for combined diabetes/obesity therapy that atraumatically prevents nutrient absorption in the duodenum and delays gastric emptying.

The present prototype has successfully completed initial animal studies (ZIM-funded). Following successful CE certification, commercialization as a class IIb product is expected to start in 2027.

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier is a globally unique product for the pronounced growth market of obesity, DMT2 and NASH (approx. 800 million patients worldwide) and already has a sales potential in the billions at 0.1% penetration.

The uniqueness of the Trans-Duodenal Barrier is based in particular on the patented method of fixation and therefore also allows much broader use than previous methods for combining restrictive and malabsorptive principles of action.

Initial situation


million diabetes patients in the EU


million patients with fatty liver disease


million obesity patients

Strong upward trend

Treatment methods to date

Conservative therapy

  • Ineffective because usually not effective in the long term
  • “unpopular” because a very high personal contribution is required
  • Medication: not yet successful despite immense investment in research

Surgical therapy

  • Effective, but irreversible
  • Lifelong aftercare, therefore expensive
  • Unclear long-term consequences
  • Fear-inducing

Trans-Duodenal Barrier


Implements experience from surgery: Malabsorptive procedures more effective than restrictive procedures alone


Simple implantation as part of an outpatient gastroscopy with i.v. sedaton (propofole)


No anesthesia, no X-ray fluoroscopy, no medication required


Proven efficacy in type 2 diabetes, probable efficacy in fatty liver and obesity


Reversible, repeatable, combinable



Completion of prototype design


Finalize design


Start of clinical trial


Completion of clinical study


CE certification, preparation for marketing


Start of 3 multicenter PM studies
Development of marketing


Completion of multicenter PM studies

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