Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Our vision

A reversible and safe therapy for diabetes patients

The historically recent development that the majority of people have sufficient food at their disposal is accompanied by the mass spread of a new group of diseases: metabolic syndrome and obesity in particular.

We would like to offer those affected who are at an earlier stage of the disease a reversible therapy in which a tube prosthesis is anchored in the stomach and upper small intestine as part of an outpatient gastroscopy.

We want to offer a safe, effective and easy-to-use product that closes the gap between the conservative forms of therapy available to date and irreversible surgery.

Our product

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier is an endoscopically implantable tubular prosthesis made of polyurethane that lines the duodenum and fixes itself to the gastric outlet with two air-filled balloons.

It is inserted during a gastroscopy (gastroscopy) and removed again after 12 months. Similar to bypass surgery, this improves diabetes and reduces weight.


Robert Schavan joins the Transduodenal Concepts team

Trans-Duodenal Concepts GmbH is proud to announce that we have been able to recruit Mr Robert Schavan, a proven expert with international experience and network in the healthcare sector, as Chief Operating Officer from March 2024.

New podcast on metabolic endoscopy with Prof. Kähler

The Good Morning, Endoscopy! series has published a podcast on the topic of metabolic endoscopy, in which Prof. Dr. Alexander Meining, Würzburg, conducts an interview with the CEO of TDC, Prof. Dr. Georg Kähler. The fundamental developments in the endoscopic treatment of metabolic syndrome and the TD Barrier are placed in the context of the current situation.

TD-Barrier awarded 2nd place in the German Medical Award 2023

At Medica Düsseldorf, Prof. Kähler was awarded 2nd prize at the German Medical Award in the presence of NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann.

TDC takes part in MEET 2023

TDC has participated as a sponsor in the Mannheim Endoscopy and Endosonography Days (MEET) 2023 at the University Medical Center under the motto “Patient Benefit – Endoscopy intended from the End”.

TD Barrier concept published

The development work of the TDC and the most important results of the animal experiments have been accepted for publication in the internationally renowned journal Visceral medicine, published by Karger Publishers in Switzerland.

A.Finze et al: Removable transduodenal bypass: development of a new endoscopic concept

Our team

Experts in their field

Prof. Dr. Georg Kähler / Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Prof. Dr. Georg Kähler

Founder & CEO

Dept. Head of endoscopy, Univ. University of Medicine Mannheim, University of Heidelberg

former President of the german Society for Endoscopy

Andreas Ries / Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Robert Schavan


More than 30 years of experience in the medical technology industry in
development, production, approval
QM, sales & marketing

Andreas Ries / Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Andreas Ries

Project Coordination

Managing Director Puls Produktdesign GmbH

More than 30 years of experience in Medical, Health Care, Tools and Industry

Dieter Fornoff / Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Dieter Fornoff

Technical Development
Quality Control

Managing Director Puls Produktdesign GmbH

More than 30 years of experience in Medical, Health Care, Tools and Industry

Maher Kasraoui / Trans-Duodenal Concepts

Maher Kasraoui

Dipl.Ing. Plastics Technology

Process Engineer Plastic Bonding Technologies Mechanical Joining Blow Molding


Early Stage Investment. Opportunity in a fast-growing market.

There are already 60 million diabetes patients in the EU alone, 26.1 million patients with fatty liver disease and 81.3 million obesity sufferers – and the trend is rising rapidly.

With its product, Trans-Duodenal Concepts closes the gap between surgical and conservative therapy for diabetes, the treatment of fatty liver disease and obesity treatment by combining an innovative endoscopic technique with ultra-thin polyurethane balloons.

Following clinical studies, CE certification and multicenter PM studies, we plan to have the Trans-Duodenal Barrier ready for the market in 2027.