Trans-Duodenal Concepts / Trans-Duodenal Barrier

Our vision

A reversible and safe therapy for diabetes patients – the Trans-Duodenal Barrier

The historically recent development that the majority of people have sufficient food at their disposal is accompanied by the mass spread of a new group of diseases: metabolic syndrome and obesity in particular.

These conditions are associated with numerous secondary diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, fatty liver and cardiovascular diseases, which place a burden on those affected and shorten their life expectancy. The consequences for society as a whole are also considerable: 1.3% of the global gross national product is needed for the consequential costs of diabetes mellitus alone.

Numerous attempts at conservative therapy with dietary advice and exercise programs have not been able to halt the development, especially in children and adolescents. Surgical interventions have been successful in massively obese patients, but lead to numerous follow-up treatments and require lifelong aftercare because the natural digestion has been massively altered.

We would like to offer a reversible therapy for patients who are at an earlier stage of the disease and do not yet require surgery, in which a tube prosthesis is anchored in the stomach and upper small intestine for 6 – 12 months as part of an outpatient gastroscopy. This simulates the effect of a bypass operation for a limited period of time, but after successful treatment the prosthesis can be removed and the patient’s natural anatomy restored.

Even if the long-term success of this therapy is only conceivable as part of a complex treatment program, it can be the bridge back to a normal weight and the prevention of obesity-related secondary diseases for many patients.

We want to offer a safe, effective and easy-to-use product that closes the gap between the conservative forms of therapy available to date and irreversible surgery.

Our product

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier

The Trans-Duodenal Barrier is an endoscopically implantable tubular prosthesis made of polyurethane that lines the duodenum and is fixed to the gastric outlet with two air-filled balloons.

It is inserted during a gastroscopy and removed again after 12 months. Similar to bypass surgery, this improves diabetes and reduces weight.